Top Fantastic Eco And Natural Wardrobes Ideas

Do you remember that first apartment you had?  Those small, cheap, cramped quarters and the lack of space the offered?  Some don’t even how come with a decent closet let alone a place to put clothes or towels in your bathroom. In apartments like those and other living spaces you may need a large wardrobe whether it be a simple one or fancy. But it also needs to be economical, and that can be hard to find now days.  So what would be economical and fit your and also your kids clothes?  Here are some humble suggestions.

Tesco Recycled Fabric Hanging Wardrobe

This simple, basic, recycled fabric hanging wardrobe from Tesco is very contemporary in coloring and style, enabling it to fit in with every other master piece of furniture for your bedroom. It provides you with an ecologically sound alternative for storing your childrens clothes safely out of the way when you have space issues. This wardrobe is covered in a brownish-grey recycled fabric that is durable and strong. It hangs off a pole made of fir wood and contains shelving made of more fir wood. This hanging wardrobe will provide you with useful means of storing your clothes and anything else needed to be tidy away to keep your room or home tidy. The hanging wardrobe requires some open self-assembly and but is able to be folded away when not in use.

Ashton 2 Door Wardrobe Beech

The Ashton double wardrobe has a modern look.  This look is complemented by the contemporary beech effect in the finish and neat, simple, silver colored bar handles. The wardrobe features 2 doors, and offers plenty of storage room including a hanging rail.   It is suggested that you match this Ashton 2 Door Wardrobe to any of the other pieces in this range for a uniquely stylish coordinated bedroom. The Ashton range of bedroom furniture is also available to buy as a set and provides a multitude of configuration options for the imaginative. Self-assembly required with this wardrobe but is not likely to be too difficult to understand

Reno 2 Door Robe White & Black

The Reno 2 Door Robe White and Black is finished in black and white, this beautifully exquisite wardrobe offers a stylish hanging storage, with black doors to contrast nicely with the white frame for a chic, contemporary effect.  The silver colored handles complete this delicious look on the double door wardrobe. Self-assembly is required but again like the last one it shouldn’t be too difficult.  And thankfully since some people might not want the black and white there is also available in the Reno 2 door collection a lovely red and white piece.

Pine Double Wardrobe

The Pine Double Wardrobe is a lovely piece that runs a bit more on the high side of the price range in this article but could not be ignored.  This solid pine wardrobe embodies a simple, elegant design that would make a welcome addition to any bedroom or honestly any room period. This double wardrobe is completed by its coordinated pine handles and beautifully decorative framed doors. The spacious insides on this wardrobe provide you with a great solution to any storage issue you may have.  Within is a double hanging rail and fixed shelf for all your clothes, towels or anything else you might need to store inside.

Fresno Double Wardrobe

The Fresno wardrobe combines many features: a smart, space-saving design with a fun but practical look. The series of wardrobes come in a array of colors ranging from natural wood tones like the beech and oak to the color finishes like the dark brown and white.  Each of the finishes comes with lovely silver-effect handles.  Inside the doors you will find the double hanging rail, and shelf, while under the floor is 2 deep drawers all of which offer a practical solution to storage. They all require self-assembly. However please note to take care when attaching this product to a wall with a wall strap, it appears to be a bit trickier than it would look.