Types of home inspections buyers can request before buying a property

Home inspections are always general. They are all designed to help you identify common defects and damages in the property. But there may be types of damages and defects that are never easy to identify. This is why you always have an option to request different types of home inspections.

For all types, you can always look around for the best home inspection in Pasco County expert team. If you hire the best home inspection team, it is obvious that the inspection done will be more accurate.

For each type, the cost of the home inspections will also vary. The request can be made only after you notice specific signs of damage and defects.

Some of the specific types of home inspections are listed in the content. You can go through the details and then decide.

Chimney inspections

This type of inspection is common if the chimney is too old. There are chances that the chimney could be damaged from the inner side. With time, chimneys will always develop cracks. They can also accumulate carbon on the inner side of the chimney wall.

So, if you are aware that the chimney is old, then it is better to ask the expert team to conduct an overall inspection of the chimney. You may only have to pay some extra money to the inspection team for conducting this type of inspection.

Electrical wiring inspections

This is a common type of inspection in most cases, if the wiring is not concealed, then the home inspection team will inspect it. But the wiring that is concealed type may always need an in-depth inspection.

The expert team may have to make use of specialized techniques to inspect the condition. The inspection will only be done if you have made a special request.

Lead paint inspections

Wall paints are generally not a part of the home inspections unless you have lead-based paint on the walls. This type of paint can be damaging to your health. So it is better to request for lead paint inspection if you notice issues.

Any home that is having older constructions may have to go through this type of inspection. Lead can be dangerous for your health. It can affect the mental condition of the kids.

HVAC unit

Having an HVAC unit is nothing new. Most homes today have good quality HVAC units installed. With time, these units may develop issues. In most cases, issues may not be visible. The internal circuit may get old. The wires may not be in good condition.

The filter may also be needed to be replaced with time. It is also possible that the unit may need proper maintenance. This is not possible unless it has been inspected. Apart from these, a good inspection team will also inspect the condition of the indoors and outdoors.