Veteran’s Day A Tribute To My Father

Our US Military has always held a special place in my heart, specially our soldiers.  Many in our family have proudly served for generations in all branches of the military for years.  On Veteran’s Day I tend to reminisce more, I think it is most special to me because my father served in the Marine Corp.  Pictured below is Sgt. Stanley Eugene Collins back in. There he is handsome looking fellow isn’t he; those eyes! My father’s beginnings weren’t any different then most young men back then.  His father who had served in the Army,  worked hard to provide for for his young family.  Here are my grandparents in 1951 with the first three of their kids; My father and two of my Aunts. There are those eyes again. What a little cutie, there he is in his little western outfit ready to take pictures with his sisters. 

Can you tell he grew up watching old westerns and working summers with his grandfather?  Even then he understood the importance of hard work and the love of family. When I got to visit with my dad back in, he arrived at my place of work in cowboy boots and vest.  I was giddy like a school girl, I didn’t get to see much of him growing up, but it made me so happy each time I got to visit with him.  One morning we were driving around and I was going to put music on for him.  I didn’t know what to put on the radio.  I asked my Dad if he wanted to listen to some country music (secretly I was ready to plug my ears, but I would do anything for my Dad.)  He skewed is face “No babe, I may dress like a cowboy, but I like to rock!”  How relieved I was. It is hard to believe in his short life that little cowboy who loves horses will soon be a young man, join the.

Marine Corp, go to Vietnam, come back, fall in love, become a husband, become a father and make his daughter beyond proud.  I Love you Dad. I feel like we can never do enough to repay our veterans, I feel like they and their families deserve more then just one day for the sacrifices they have made to protect our country.  What I know we can do on Veteran’s Day or any day is say thank you, we can show respect and we can honor them. Thank you friends Charles Davis Black Horse, Vestal B. Collins, Charles A. Sweet, Richard Black, Stanley Eugene Collins, John Phillip Collins, Dwayne Macie, and to the countless others who have served and still do.