Why Sealed Attics Are Recommended To Be Inspected Thoroughly?

Sometimes accessing the attic can prove to be more problematic than usual, which is why most homeowners avoid getting up in the attic. However, that doesn’t mean that the sealed attic will remain spotless over time. It can be possible that the place has mould or pest infestation, which can destroy the entire roof of your house. That’s why performing a thorough inspection of the same is indeed a necessity. 

To help you know about the same, we have formulated this comprehensive guide containing some of the reasons why a proper inspection of your attic is very much required. 

Significant Reasons Why It’s Recommended To Inspect A Sealed Attic

  1. Wiring Problems

According to Nebraska home inspection services, the attic forms the commonplace for the electrical wiring to run through the house. It can be possible that the wiring going through the attic space can be unsecured, which can lead to accidents such as house fires in case of short circuits. 

There’s also chances of electrocution, especially if the roof leaks and water seeps into the attic. Thus, it would be prudent for any homeowner or a homebuyer to get a sealed attic checked by a professional home inspector. 

  1. Problems With Condensation

Sometimes, improper insulation can lead to loads of different problems and one of them includes the formation of condensation inside the attic. The water collected via condensation can damage the ceilings of the house, which can lead to additional repairs later on. 

Moreover, condensation can also destroy the implementation of insulation. Lacklustre insulation inside your home can lead to increased energy bills in the long term. 

  1. Damaged Insulation

If your attic remains sealed over time, you’ll never come to know about the overall condition of your home’s insulation. It can be possible that the insulation is wearing off (especially if the house is old and ageing) and you’ll never know about it. 

Poor insulation will lead to higher energy bills in the winter & summer season. This is because in the winter season your heater will have to work harder to heat the place, while in the summers your air-conditioner will have to work harder to cool the space

  1. Mould Infestation

The presence of moulds and mildews are some of the common side-effects of sealed attics. Mould infestation is usually caused due to either condensation, poor ventilation or roof leaks. And the worse part is that – the mould infestation will simply not restrict itself only in the attic but slowly spread across the entire home. And to stop that infestation, a proper inspection is highly required. 

So, if you’re on the market to hire a professional home inspector, don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up a quick appointment right away.