Your 3 Steps Guide to Choose the Right Tile Size for your Home!

House renovation is incomplete without changing the floor. And when you have decided to opt for tiles for the flooring, we assume that you are looking for long-term solutions and a nice, pleasant look for the house. Yes, tiles can be the best flooring option for any kind of surroundings. Not only do they fit in your budget, but they tend to give a seamless look to any kind of interior. But of course, to enjoy the various benefits of the pleasant look of tiles, you have to pick the right size for the place.

How to decide on the right size of the tiles?

In Auckland any tiler like Best Skills will suggest you check the size of the tiles properly before investing in them. They have a whooping experience of quite some years to install tiles and waterproof the houses in your city. So, they know if the wrong size of tiles is selected, what drastic impact it makes on the place. That is why you will find this 3 step guide very useful when choosing the right size of the tiles for your home. Take a look.

  • Think of the room where you want the tiles to be installed — Before you pick the right size of the tiles, consider the room that you are going to select it for. Whether you want tiles for your living room or your kitchen or bathroom that is very important to know. Similarly, keeping in mind the area (walls, backsplash, floor) where you are going to install them is essential too. You can pick the type and size of the tiles after factoring in all these details.
  • The proper measurement of the room — Before heading to the market to buy the best tiles for your home, remember to take the proper measurements of the place. Like, if you have a huge living room, you can easily opt for larger tiles or even smaller ones to create a fantastic look. But if you have a smaller space, then you have to consider the fact that the tiles would be cut to fit into the place – so, select the size accordingly.
  • The shape of tiles — The size of the tiles you are picking is dependent upon their shapes as well. For example — when you get rectangular-shaped tiles, these look fabulous in large sizes while the square ones look good in smaller variants. Even the hexagon-shaped tiles are perfect when they are small or medium-sized — and so on.

If you want the right tiles to enhance the beauty of your rooms, ensure these are of the perfect size as well. Otherwise, they’ll appear out of place and make the place lose its charm.