Hanger Mobile Book Report

My 4th Grader has a book report due each month. This month her report was to be done on a mobile, we decided to make it a Hanger Mobile.

Here is How We Did It:

Book Report Mobile
Supplies Needed:
Printer paper
Construction Paper or Scrapbook Paper
Elmer’s glue
Ribbon, Twin or yarn


After you have gathered your facts, printed and cut them out, lay them under your hanger on a table or flour. Move the facts around and measure out where they will hang on your mobile the best.  Cut three ribbons the same size and tie to the hanger mobile. Once you know where everything goes, cut out a your backing paper that highlights your facts.  Also cut out pieces used to glue your facts to the ribbon.

If you can use construction paper or scrap book paper, this makes your hanger mobile more colorful and eye catching.Place your cut backing paper underneath the ribbon glue the facts on top.We used glue but on the final sections and the name plate we used a whole punch.I have to say we had a lot of fun on this book report, my daughter even told me so.  This hanger mobile stayed together and is still hanging over her desk..What was the funnest school project you help your kids with?  Was it a hanger mobile, volcano, solar system?